Steady Income Employment Versus Start Up Business

Image result for employment vs entrepreneurYou cannot get rich being employed and that is a universal truth, unless during the duration of your employment you have the smarts to make the right investments that accumulate over time and by the time of your retirement your investments have generated enough for a person to live in luxury in her golden years.

If your goal is to get rich fast, then you are out of luck because like everything else in life getting rich requires elbow grease and a whole lot of hard work. Starting a business could be the ticket. But how? When your funds are barely enough to tie you over.

How about business loans? A business loan could start you on the road to riches. Thus begins the struggle between employment and starting up a business.

Being employed isn’t really that bad, a monthly salary and a small part of it goes into a government mandated retirement fund, the advantage of being an employee is that there is a routine. There are people that enjoy their daily life knowing what to do next. As it is in employment, there is a certain flow to everything that happens as the day progresses, as an employee handles this progression at the end of the day he or she is free to do as the person chooses with no ties with the work he or she does. Only to remember it the next day. As for someone who has a startup business as it becomes a 24-hour affair, some sort of mini relationship. Thinking about business loan payments, running a business and pretty much everything about it since it is basically an investment for the future.

Image result for business loanThere is a certain satisfaction in working for yourself, the certain achievement that you got your business through another month. Dealing with all overhead expenditures, managing your business loans sg as you start to make a tidy little profit for yourself, the stress in dealing with a small business becomes tolerable, a little bit enjoyable in fact. Whereas an employee knows when and where exactly the money for next month’s rent is coming from. A regular employee has government mandated benefits and is entitled to overtime pay whenever the hours of work are extended. In other words, the life of an employee is basically the easier life granted, he or she is the type of person who can get along well with almost everyone but limits his or her success to their chosen profession. Whereas even as a small scale business person holds his own time. Although a little more stressful they are in control of how their income flows and how to manage that income, including on what portion of that income should be used for daily personal expenses.

All in all, the choice between the life of an employee and an entrepreneur depends on the lifestyle preference of an individual. It is a personal choice of how you would want to earn your living. Either to be working for someone with regular income or to be working for yourself, with business loans and the like in tow, but as an individual you are in control of your income.